The VUCA MBA (Mindset for Business Agility) Website is Now Live (and open for business)

Happy to announce that the VUCA MBA website is now live.

I have felt for sometime that there is a tremendous added value through the Agile classes I have now taught for the last 7+ years to over 4000 people worldwide. This fact was really brought home during my most recent work. I was brought into T-Mobile by Chief Digital Officer Marcus East to help with an Agile transformation we referred to as “R2D2” (Rapid Realization, Dynamic Delivery). This was our simple scaling of Agile values and principles. Part of this transformation that I am very proud of was my role in the largest (over a billion dollar IT spend) and fastest (about 7 months) change from project/scope to product/capacity funding. I also got the chance to hire and work with thirteen of the best Agile coaches around.

In addition to all the other transformation work, I taught to hundreds of people, a class we called the “Agile Mindset” class which was based on my highly popular “Agile MBA” class. One of the more curious things I found was, that as the transformation proceeded, those who struggled the least where those who attended my class. I was not the only one who experience this and, one of our coaches, Thomas Meloche, said “I’ve observed repeatedly that the most enthusiastic and effective managers, leaders, and individual contributors I’ve worked with at large companies where Larry is teaching, had ALWAYS already attended Larry’s seminars. It is a game changer for changing how people think about and approach their work. Those who attended were also dramatically more likely to be successfully applying agile techniques.”

The comments of people who took the class also affirmed this. For some people the experience is life-changing. I have embedded a video with some testimonials at the bottom of this post.

Therefore, after some consideration, I decided to offer a new class which I am calling the VUCA MBA.

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