Larry's Top Ten Agile and Scrum Myths

Top ten agile myths - Larry Apke

I gave the Larry’s Top Ten Agile and Scrum Myths talk to the Java Users’ Group in Phoenix recently and people have asked me what the top 10 myths are. I have posted a copy of the powerpoint, but for quick reference, I have listed below.

  • Myth #1 – Agile is a Framework/Methodology
  • Myth#2 – Agile Means No Documentation
  • Myth#3 – Agile is Less Disciplined / Easy
  • Myth#4 – You Can Achieve Agility Without Organizational Change
  • Myth#5 – Agile is Scrum
  • Myth#6 – Scrum Will Lead to “Hyperperforming” Teams
  • Myth #7 – You Must Get 100% of all Stories Complete or You’ve Failed
  • Myth #8 – Scrum Master = Project Manager
  • Myth #9 – We Can Do Scrum Without a Product Owner or Many P.O.s
  • Myth #10 – With Scrum We Can Make Changes Whenever We Feel Like It

Now feel free to rip into these as you wish!

Larry Apke

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